Because sometimes you just have to blow the rest of a roll while you’re shooting a wedding.

Me: Just look casual. I’m trying to test this camera and use up the roll.

Katie: Like this?

Me: Ummm… sure?

 photo 81000007.jpg 

 photo 81000008.jpg 

 photo 81000009.jpg 

 photo 81000010.jpg 

 photo 81000011.jpg 

 photo 81000012.jpg 

 photo 81000013.jpg 

 photo 81000014.jpg 

 photo 81000015.jpg 

 photo 81000016.jpg 

A pregnant photographer’s favorite part of the day.  Carbs with a side of carbs.

 photo 81000017.jpg 

 photo 81000019.jpg 

 photo 81000020.jpg 

 photo 81000021.jpg