I almost don't know how to fully explain how our family reunion trip to Montana ended up being a week long trip in Seattle. But here is the Cliffs Notes version of our mishap. 

Over the summer we had a massive family reunion trip to Lustre, Montana planned to visit the homestead where my mom grew up. My sister and I have never been as adults and it was the 100 year anniversary of the homestead. All of my cousins and my mom's cousins and old friends were going to be there. It was amazing and I could not wait to see the little farm home where my mom and her family grew up. 

Come travel day... we were flying out of Los Angeles with my parents and aunt (so, 7 of us in total were traveling together). We had a quick layover in Seattle and then on to a little airport in Montana. At the same time, my sister and her kiddos were en route to Montana from Dallas, Texas, with with a layover in Denver. Unfortunately our flight from LAX was slightly delayed, but delayed just enough that we missed our very short layover once we arrived (and sprinted) to the gate where our connecting plane was still at, but the gates had closed. After HOURS of all possible airports and airlines were researched, we had to accept we would not be able to get all 7 of us to Montana for over a week. (Only my aunt was able to make a later connecting plane to meet up with her children in Montana.) Our connecting flight was a very little airplane and there wasn't a single flight that could accommodate us all for days and days. 

At the very same time, my sister was landing in Denver, only to find out her connecting flight was completely cancelled and she wouldn't get another connecting flight for days as well! So in a moment of frustration and tears and overwhelming emotions that our family reunion was not going to happen, we made the quick decision to get my sister and her children to Seattle and turn our layover into a 6 day vacation. It was chaotic and stressful. And tears were had. But after that first 24 hours of travel, we made the absolute best of one of our favorite cities around. And here are loads of photos to show for it.


After 5 days in Pismo, we spent the next 6 days in Big Sur. Our time there was "cell phone free" due zero service at our campsite... with only one day trip into "civilization" (aka Monterey). Although its really hard not to have just basic ability to contact our friends and family, it was nice to not be on our phones all day checking emails, texts and social media.

My dad, who is semi-retired, was able to continue on to Big Sur with us, but sadly my mom had to head back home to work. We missed her a lot, but we were still thankful for my dad being able to join us and help with the kiddos.

Contax T2, Kodak Portra 400, Fuji Superia 400, Kodak TriX 400. Processed and scanned at home.


Immediately following Rowan's last week of school and his 7th birthday party, we hit the road for a two part, 12 day camping trip up the California coast. The first half of the trip was spent camping on the Central Coast of California in Oceano. We were able to spend the week with both my parents and our friends Erin and Randy Hill (and their three adorable boys). Erin and Randy are "full timers" and living their lives on the road. It was pretty amazing to be able to meet up with them and camp. We had so much fun watching our boys play together all day at the park campground.

Nikon F100, Kodak Portra 400, Fuji Superia 400, Kodak Trix 400. Processed and scanned at home.