Holiday Mini Session Guide to Success

Congratulations! You've decided to invest in photos that will last for years to come and document this stage in life with your family. I'm so excited to part of that! And knowing these photos will be so important to you, it can be a lot of pressure for you and your family to make everything perfect. But know, it doesn't have to be stressful! Together, we can be apart of an amazing session that is stress free, fun and absolutely memorable. Below are 3 tips to ensuring your session will produce the best results!


Tip 1 - Clothing

Gone are the days of everybody wearing matching white tops and jeans. (Did you hear me? Gone are these days.) But while matching exactly isn't encouraged, coordinating is! Imagine the entire group wearing outfits that follow a theme. For example, you can pick a color and let it flow loosely through your family's wardrobe. If mustard yellow (Hello Fall!) is your favorite color, let it pop up a couple times in your family's outfits. Not everybody needs to be wearing it. But having it show up a couple times can create a theme. Then allow the remaining outfits to complement each other. Also, choosing a color pallet is a great place to start. Selecting Earth tones or shades of blue is a great way to coordinate. 

And always make sure you're comfortable! Because if you're not comfortable in your outfit, it will show. Having to pull on a dress that's too short or a tie that's too tight, you won't feel like your natural self in photos. Wear what makes you feel good!

And remember the terrain. Likely we will be out in nature on grass and dirt. Heals and difficult shoes will be hard to walk around in. If you really want to wear your heals though, please let me know in advance so we can discuss the location.

Tip 2 - Punctuality

Please be on time. Being on time will be crucial to the final amount of photos you will receive. Every mini session is guaranteed a minimum of 20 photos. However, this is dependent on us starting on time. If you arrive late, we cannot extend past your time slot due to additional groups following behind you. Therefore your session will be shortened and I cannot guarantee you will receive your full 20 images. You know your family best. And if you know its a struggle to get out the door on time, start telling yourself now that your session is really 20 minutes earlier that it really is. Or at least start telling your spouse that. ;)



Tip 3 - Kids will be kids. 

If there is ever a time for your children to have a level 10 meltdown, it will be during photos. AND THAT IS PERFECTLY FINE! I promise you, I am used to this! Your child isn't the only hysterical kiddo I've photographed (and probably not even the only one that day!). I will do absolutely everything in my power to make that little nugget smile. I will gladly act a fool for the end result of a smiling child. Or at least one that's not screaming. ;) And as a parent myself, I am here to say that bribery works in situations like this! Think about how important these photos are to you... then think about how important that $7 pack of Pokemon cards is to your kiddo. Buy it... and then tell them it and more (like the key's to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory) will be all theirs if they cooperate! Toss a few Skittles their way as a sign of good faith and lets start shooting! 

In all honesty, The chances of your kiddo having a meltdown for 30 minutes straight is unlikely. We'll get through it together. And if you are the 1% who has a child that melts down for your entire session, think about how great those crying photos will be in their wedding slideshow years from now. Its a win win!!