I'm so so so happy to post this session!! Kyle and I recently went on vacation to Sedona with some of our bestest friends ever. And it just so happens that Brittany was 7 months pregnant while we were out there and the house we were staying at had the MOST AMAZING backyard. Believe it or not, ALL of these pictures were taken in the backyard of the home. We literally walked out the back door and started our session. This session is one of my most favorite ever.  Because Brittany, well she is beautiful. Put her in any setting and she would rock a session. But Brittany and Sedona combined? Unstoppable. :) So much so that this was supposed to be a "quick 30 minutes session" and 2 hours later we realized we had forgotten about the time.

Brittany!  I'm so excited for you and Wes and I cannot wait to meet your litter girl this summer.  You are beautiful and you are going to be an amazing mother. Love you!!

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