I love... *warm summer nights, but not so warm we can't sit outside and enjoy a glass of white wine.

*popcorn and Netflix every night.


*friends who are willing to help you out even though they are pregnant, in school and working full time.

*weekends with my family and playing with my niece and nephew.

*hair product that makes my hair stand straight up, even through 8 hours of shooting.

*my husband who becomes Mr. Mom on the weekends.


*friends you "do life" with.


*hearing my son say "pay wif Gwa-pa!" (play with Grandpa)

*Eclipse on Showtime On Demand.

*Teen Mom.

*new car smell (why doesn't the canned stuff ever actually smell like new car?).

*Couch to 5k.

*and clients who ask to take a picture with you at the end of an already awesome session. ;-)

Life is good.  Life isn't always perfect... but life is good.