Colleen Sherman Photography is now COLOR ME RAD!!!!

(This post will remain at the top of my blog for a while... so if you've seen it before, scroll down for the new stuff.)************

Say whaaaa?? Colleen Sherman Photography is no longer around???


Well, actually... Colleen Sherman Photography is still here... just operating under a different name.  COLOR ME RAD!!!

So let me explain.

After three years of shooting weddings... and competing for the business of my brides.  I started to realize that people just weren't getting ME!  They saw my website.  They saw I could take pretty pictures, but that's it.  They didn't see my personality.  (Unless they met me in person... but that was after they price shopped me with 15 other photographers with the same old website and same old format.)  They didn't see that I am outgoing and love to laugh.  They didn't see that I am willing to embarrassing myself for the sake of a picture.  My old website just showed my images and portrayed me as a "vanilla" photographer.  And to be honest... I felt like I looked like a real estate agent.  Poised and composed.  But you know what... that just isn't me!!  So now my new brand says a little something more about who I am as a person and as a photographer.

Colorful.  Fun.  Creative.  Slightly off beat.

And COLOR ME RAD is just that.  Its fun loving, crazy and not like your best friends wedding photographer.  Its like... ME!

Thanks for visiting my new site and blog!  Check it out because there is lots of fun stuff that has never been seen before on my previous site.  And come back soon or even better... add me to your reader!  I have lots of work to post very soon that I've been holding onto for my new blog!!


Woooo whooooo!!!! Um... you might want to read my "About Colleen" to understand this Nacho picture.